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Birdseed Club

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Do you love feeding wild birds and saving money? 

Join the Feathered Friend Wild Bird Club Today!


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Being a member of the Feathered Friend Club offers

product discounts and special mailings.

Here's how the club card works:

  1. Next time you visit Fehl's to buy Feathered Friend Bird Food, ask them to sign you up.
  2. Fill out the card and the store will keep it on file for you.
  3. Every time you come into the store and purchase Feathered Friend Bird Food, we will keep track of how much you have bought by marking it on your card. Purchases must be made and recorded at the location that holds your membership.
  4. When you have purchased 500 lbs of Feathered Friend wild bird food you will receive a $10.00 certificate good towards a future purchase.

Feathered Friend products are sold in bags from 5 lb to 40 lb sizes so getting to 500 lbs really adds up fast.

Join the club today!