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Wood Pellet Pricing

Due to last years cold long winter and pellet shortages, wood pellet demand this summer/fall has increased significantly.  Consumers have been purchasing larger quantities of pellets during the off season coupled with increased sales of new pellet devices has left retailers with little to no inventory.  Manufactures have been working around the clock to produce pellets to meet this high demand.  They have no surplus inventory to ship dealers.  The pellets that are being produced are placed directly on trucks and shipped to dealers.  The manufactures typically have a maximum scheduled production that already has been allocated to dealer orders back in March and April for the upcoming heating season.  

We have been able to secure extra loads of wood pellets from multiple manufactures over the next 5-6 months to help with the increased wood pellet demand.  To communicate availability with customers, Fehl's will be updating this page regularly and posting status to Facebook.

At this point, we are not taking on new customers outside of our Berks County.  When availability increases this restriction will be lifted.   

as of 2/28/15 at  5:00 pM

Brand Ash BTU's
Price Per Ton
American Wood Fibers
Ultra Prem. White Pine

Less then .25% 8,600 $310 OUT OF STOCK
Ultra Premium

Less then .5%
8,500 $279


Less then 1% 8,400 $259 ETA 3/3/2015
Easy Heat

Less then 1%
8,300 $239 OUT OF STOCK
Lignetics Less then 1%
Bulk Energex - Premium

Less then 1%

8,400 Click here for 
Call for delivery availability



We are frequently asked if hardwood pellets are superior to softwood pellets. Most people’s perception is that hardwoods are superior; after all, hardwood logs do burn better than softwood logs. However, this is not necessarily the case when raw material is processed to form wood pellets.

Hardwood logs are significantly drier than softwood logs and the low moisture content results in a hotter, cleaner burn. However, in the process of manufacturing pellets – whether softwood or hardwood – the moisture content of the wood is brought down into a narrow range of about 4%.
Once the moisture has been removed, the two remaining components of any pellet are cellulose (the wood fiber itself) and resin (or the sap in the wood, which is essentially a natural oil). Cellulose has the same heating value, whether originating in softwood or hardwood form. Resin has a higher heating value than cellulose and the resin content of softwoods is higher than that of hardwoods. As a result, softwood pellets burn hotter than hardwood pellets, yielding a slightly higher heating value (BTU’s per pound).
Heating values are close across almost all pellets; as a result, what really matters most to consumers is ash content. The main factors that impact ash content are the cleanliness of the raw material (that is the absence of bark and other impurities) and the quality of the manufacturing process.

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